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  • How about ceramic electric kettle?
  • Clicks: 326  Release time: 2017-7-24
  •        In the electric kettle in plastic electric kettle when boiling water easy to produce odor and gradually eliminated by the market is the remaining electric kettle and electric kettle ceramic these two kinds of products, stainless steel electric kettle durable because so many families at the time of purchase usually choose a hot water bottle, but the process of stainless steel electric kettle is very easy to produce water in the scale, so clean up is not convenient. Ceramic electric kettle is made of ceramic, and the design is accompanied by a lot of traditional processing, so it is more artistic than the stainless steel electric kettle.

            Ceramic electric kettle is made of high temperature firing, in this kind of electric kettle, it joined the high temperature controller, through the accurate control of water temperature, to ensure that water can achieve 100% boiling. Ceramic electric kettle, like stainless steel electric kettle, has safety protection measures. It has the functions of water boiling, steam induction, automatic power off, dry burning, power failure, abnormal fusing and automatic protection. The utility model relates to a ceramic electric kettle, the heating plate used by the utility model is a hidden stainless steel heating plate, and the ceramic electric water heater is used for boiling water, and no peculiar smell can occur, and the cleaning is more convenient.
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