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  • Instructions for the use of ceramic electric kettles
  • Clicks: 346  Release time: 2017-7-24
  • 1, in the use of ceramic electric kettle, they need to be placed in a flat surface.
    2, the use of electric kettle, electric kettle will need to put in the ceramic power supply chassis, the power line is inserted in the socket, press the switch, the indicating lamp lights, electric kettle began to heat.
    3, in the process of heating water, the power supply is still in the open state, the kettle body can not be removed from the chassis.
    4, after the water is opened, the switch is automatically powered off, and then hot water is poured out.
    5, when not using electric kettle, put it on the power base, no plug in power, ceramic electric kettle will not heat, until its switch is opened again.