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  • The background and working principle of ceramic electric kettle
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  •        The shape of the kettle is made of plastic, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Plastic electric kettle because of heating easily produce harmful substances, easy aging, not durable, grade is not high, defects in 2008 before and after being replaced by stainless steel electric kettle. Stainless steel electric kettles are quickly sought after for their light weight and durability. Because of the water quality problem, the stainless steel electric kettle can produce scale when it is used, and it is troublesome to remove the scale. Besides, the appearance color is single, the decoration is inconvenient and the art is lacking. With the improvement of people's quality of life and the increasing concern about drinking health, ceramic electric kettle emerges as the times require.

          Ceramic has a long history of culture and charm, made of electric kettle more elegant, wind, and non-toxic ceramics harmless, not easy to scale, cleaning is very convenient. In addition, the ceramic appearance can also add many traditional crafts, so that the electric kettle more artistic temperament. Therefore, ceramic electric kettle has become an important element of modern home decoration because of its practicability, safety, environmental protection and artistic appreciation.

           The working principle of an electric kettle is that the steam produced by boiling water causes the bimetallic film of the steam sensing element to be deformed. The deformation drives the power switch through the lever principle and the power is switched off. The power failure is not self reset, so the kettle will not automatically reheat after power failure.  
          Key components: the key component of the electric kettle is temperature controller. The quality of the thermostat and the service life determine the quality of the kettle and its service life.
          The temperature controller is divided into: simple temperature controller, simple and sudden jump temperature controller, waterproof and anti dry temperature controller. Suggest that consumers choose to use waterproof, anti drying thermostat, electric kettle.

         Insulation principle: a kettle with thermal insulation function, most of the two heating pipes, there is a heat preservation heating tube is controlled by a heat switch alone, it allows users to control whether the insulation. Insulation power is generally below 50W, and usually consumes less than 0.1 degrees an hour.