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  • Ceramic electric kettle process
  • Clicks: 343  Release time: 2017-7-24
  •        Ceramic electric kettle, bearing a thousand years of history and culture, China in the Shang Dynasty, proto celadon, Song Dynasty, brother, and five of ancient Jun formation, the first peak in the history of the development of ceramic China was born, by the development of Yuan Dynasty blue and underglaze red, to the peak to the Qing Dynasty history. Ceramics have become a symbol of Chinese culture.

           The kettle body of the ceramic electric kettle adopts high temperature firing ceramic, and is equipped with a famous brand temperature controller, and precisely controls temperature to ensure that boiling water is 100% boiling. Ceramic electric kettle has three heavy security, to ensure that the use of worry: the boiling water steam induction automatic power-off, dry automatic power-off, abnormal fuse automatic protection function, its chassis using the hidden stainless steel heating plate, heating water and no smell, non-toxic, easy to clean. It has an accurate temperature design: 95-100 degrees Celsius automatic thermostat, and 55-65 degrees Celsius humanized self insulation double function, more suitable for public drinking water demand. Ceramic electric kettle more use of the overall non hole matching technology, no screws, nail holes to prevent leakage, even if full pot water pressure is no penetration. Its pot body adopts 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation of human design, so that the operation is more convenient. The use of modern technology allows you to boil a pot of water in 3-5 minutes.