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  • Safety Guide for ceramic electric kettles
  • Clicks: 355  Release time: 2017-7-24
  • 1. please read the instructions carefully before using the product. 

    2. connected with the power supply, please check whether the power supply voltage you use is consistent with the rated voltage of the product, if the product of the power line is damaged, must use the special power line is replaced by professionals, power supply plug connection must have grounding protection.

    3. kettle can only be used with the supplied chassis.
    4. do not let the power cord hang around the table or touch the high temperature object.
    5. water injection shall not exceed its maximum water level sign. If the kettle is too full, boiling water may be ejected.
    6. the kettle uses a safety disconnecting switch, which automatically breaks off the power supply when the kettle is out of water or water is insufficient to keep it safe.

    7. don't immerse the kettle in the water, so you can't infiltrate it into the electrical part of it.
    8. in pouring water and cleaning pot, be sure to separate the kettle from the bottom.
    9. drain the first boiled water and then use it formally because the kettle smells bad during its first use: if the odor still doesn't go away, add 2 teaspoons of soda, boil and drain.
    10. unplug the power supply when you do not use the product for a long time.