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  • Ceramic electric kettle cleaning and maintenance
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  • 1., in order to extend the service life of the kettle, the mineral deposits in the pot should be cleaned regularly.
    2. when cleaning, must first disconnect the power supply.
    3. please don't soak the kettle base in it.
    4. mix vinegar and water at 1:2, pour into the kettle, then switch on the power, let the kettle work and wait for it to automatically jump off.
    5. let the mixture in the kettle for 24 hours, the mixture will be drained, and then add water to a certain location, and then work.
    6.The water will be drained 6. scale and vinegar away, and finally with water cleaning pot, please repeat the above operation if necessary.
    7. in the electric kettle use process, such as failure, should put the pot from the heating of the chassis out, pour the water in the pot, and then let it cool to room temperature before fault detection or cleaning.