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  • Tips for scaling
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  • Boil the egg to remove the incrustation
          General electric kettle for a long time accumulated a lot of scale, it is difficult to remove, and if you boil a few times with the kettle, the effect will be good.
    Citric acid removes scale
          Electric kettle after use for a period of time, if the scale is found to be more serious, you can put some citric acid into the kettle, add half the amount of water, and then boil, pour out. Lemon can not only remove scale, but also leave a faint scent of lemon, really kill two birds with one stone.
    A magnet removes scale
          Put a magnet in the pot, not only can prevent fouling, boiling water can be magnetized boiled, can prevent constipation, sore throat.
    Potato descaling
            In the new kettle, put more than half a kettle of potatoes, fill up the water, cooked the potatoes, and then boil water, it will not be dirty. However, we should pay attention to boil the kettle after the potato can not clean the wall, otherwise it will lose the role of descaling. Even if the old kettle has been filled with scale, the method can be used for cooking once or two times to remove the scale and prevent fouling.
    Potatoes peel off the scales
           Wash the potatoes, then put the potatoes in the pot, add the amount of water, boil. Boil for about ten minutes to remove the stubborn scale.
    Baking soda descaling
          Generally electric kettle heating plate is aluminum, in boiling water when it is easy to form scale, put a small spoon of baking soda, boil for a few minutes, scale can also be removed.
    Vinegar descaling
           This method is simple and practical, the main component is calcium carbonate and carbonate scale, vinegar acetic acid can react with the inside, have water soluble minerals and carbon dioxide, the general supermarkets can buy vinegar, add about 10% to fill water kettle, boil after about an hour, and then clean it.