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  • Which brand is good for electric kettle?
  • Clicks: 406  Release time: 2017-7-24
  •        Electric kettle which brand is good, safe selection of electric kettle heating water, speed, controllable temperature, convenient drinking and energy saving characteristics, is gradually replacing the traditional way of heating water. Therefore, electric kettle has become one of the necessary household appliances, and more and more customers are buying electric kettle. So which brand is good for electric kettle? The following to introduce you to buy electric kettle tips.     
           Electric kettle is an electric boiling water heater for boiling water, generally have a split power supply base, water boiling automatic switch, water level indicator and a power indicator, dry protection safety device, general technical index is about 950W, the water capacity from 0.5 to 2 liters and all voltage 220 240V. 
    Tips for buying electric kettles
    A: look at the type of electric kettle with ordinary electric kettle (no temperature control device), electric kettle, electric kettle, automatic temperature control type automatic water supply device with air pressure (after boiling water can be automatically cut off the power supply, or automatic insulation) three.
    B: look at electrical performance
    Electric kettle is a kind of electric appliance with water work. It should pay special attention to its electrical performance when purchasing and make sure there is no leakage.
    C: look at the power lead connector, power lead connector and the body should be connected, reliable, flexible, flexible installation. 
    D look at the interface between the heater and the kettle body. The interface between the heater and the kettle body should be firmly installed. The seal is well sealed and there is no leakage. Gently poke the heater by hand and check whether the assembly is firm and should not be loose.
    E see temperature control device, buy automatic temperature control device or insulation device of electric kettle, should pay attention to its temperature control is flexible and reliable.
    F water supply switch to buy electric kettle automatic water supply device with air pressure, should check the lock button switch is flexible supply boiling water, boiling water supply pressure of the button is not too large, the outer cover and the inner cooker liner, convenient installation should be flexible, good sealing performance, etc..