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  • The development of ceramic electric kettle Foshan Zhuo Qi Electric Appliance Co. Ltd.
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  •         One hundred years of the Millennium ceramic kettle, electric kettle, ceramic development in Foshan Zhuo Qi Electric Appliance  Co. Ltd.   

           Ceramic and kettle encounter, the world's first electric kettle is said to be born in Chicago in 1891, the inventor is english. It will take twelve minutes to boil a pot of water then. With the development of science and technology, the fast, safe, convenient and full use of energy is becoming the main feature of the kettle, and the tea loving Englishman has fallen in love with her since then. Like a whirlwind, she swept the whole of Europe in 90s and became a global bestseller in twenty-first Century. In China, the production of electric kettle is also from the beginning of 80s last century, the first to export to Europe based, domestic sales time is about fifteen years.  The shape of the starting kettle is made of plastic, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Plastic kettle because of its plastic heating easily produce harmful substances, but also easy aging, not durable, grade is not high, defects in 2008 before and after being replaced by stainless steel kettle. Stainless steel kettles are quickly sought after for their light weight and durability. However, when the stainless steel kettle boils, some harmful elements are released, which can cause harm to the human body. At the same time, the use of stainless steel kettle will produce scale, cleaning scale is more troublesome. Moreover, the appearance of a single color, inconvenience decoration, the lack of artistic atmosphere. In the growing pursuit of life quality, and pay attention to health, to find the essence of life today, the kettle material gathered in Chinese Millennium ceramics, a beautiful encounter pull opening, ceramic electric kettle came into being. Ceramic has its own noble cultural origin and identity, made of electric kettle, class naturally proud, elegant wind. Ceramic, non-toxic harmless, not easy to scale, cleaning is very convenient. The appearance of ceramics can be attached to many traditional crafts, blue, red, yellow, Chinese imperial pastels, celadon, glaze colors, glaze decals and so on, arbitrary, all good. Therefore, the ceramic electric kettle is not only practical, but also a kind of handicraft which can be set up by Chen, which can be played and appreciated, and become an important element of modern home decoration. Her appearance attracted people's attention and became the object of her pursuit.This is a confluence of water and fire water and fire intersection. And melting, this is common sense, but here, the intersection is full of water and fire strange light of life. Ceramics, from fire, from Baidu to one thousand and three hundred kiln temperature, Nirvana from the fire, and turned into a beautiful Phoenix, the history and culture of the blood and people's soul, become a vital factor is the most representative of the history and culture of the China strong, become the people most close to the emotional gene. Water is the source of life, the human body is seventy percent water, which is the material basis of life. The intersection of fire and water is the life of the fusion, with ceramic kettle meant to be together, civilized and healthy lifestyle for ceramic ceramic kettle, electric kettle will become the fresh cultural elements in your life. The combination of culture and technology is a combination of culture and technology. Ceramic electric kettle, carrying thousands of years of history and culture. The Shang Dynasty in China, the original Eastern Han Dynasty celadon, firing a mature green porcelain in Tang Dynasty, forming a "North Bai Nanqing" two Dayao, Song Dynasty kilns throughout North and south, Ru, officer, brother, and five of ancient Jun formation, became the first high peak on the history of the development of China ceramics. Yuan Dynasty fired large porcelain, and successfully fired yuan blue and underglaze red, which has epoch-making significance in the history of Chinese ceramics. The development of the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi, Qianlong and Qianlong dynasties reached its peak in the three dynasties and reached its highest level in history. China ceramic Chinese become symbols, showing great China chic style and pure feelings, to show the beautiful image of China people. The Chinese red, which is consistent with the national flag and the red of the national emblem, has become the favorite color of the Chinese people. She is noble, gorgeous, warm and auspicious. It symbolizes happiness and prosperity. The blue and white porcelain blue underglaze white, bright, fresh and arturn, generous, has Chinese ink painting unique artistic charm. Qing Gong Shi Tao "in his song" this chant: "a white glazed porcelain glaze flower from igneous, clear transparent. May participate in the creation of natural, wonderful, no extreme Tai Chi students".This is reflected in the style of the blue and white porcelain rhyme, after it is in. And the static and dynamic storage, and elegant and stately and beautiful handsome and dignified doucai, simple pastels, both embody the humanistic spirit of Chinese people, representing China people for a better life for the pursuit of art. Ceramic electric kettle, high temperature firing of high quality ceramics, top brand thermostat, precise temperature control, to ensure that 100% boiling. Three heavy insurance, safe worry: water boiling, steam induction automatic power-off, dry burning automatic power-off, abnormal fuse, automatic protection function. The chassis hidden 304 stainless steel heating plate, heating water, no odor, non-toxic, sanitary, easy to clean. Accurate temperature design: 95-100 degrees automatic constant temperature, 55-65 degrees humanization, self insulation double function, suitable for public drinking water demand. The patent has no hole fitting technology, no screws, to prevent nail holes leaking, full pot water pressure without penetration. Pot body 360 degrees arbitrary rotation, user-friendly design, more convenient operation. Boil a pot of boiling water quickly, need only 3-5 minutes. The long history and culture into the modern science and technology works, let this small appliances except the practical, more graceful art. The embrace of life and health, the embrace of life and health. Health, the pursuit of modern people, some people pursuit of health, even at any cost. The plastic pot has been proved to be poisonous and harmful. The stainless steel pot also has a certain amount of harmful elements to release. At the same time, the boiled water has some peculiar smell. The ceramic pot is non-toxic and harmless, and the release rate of harmful elements is very low or even zero, and it will not cause any harm to the human body. At the same time, ceramic is not easy to scale, easy to clean, to ensure the cleanliness of the pot. Ceramic electric kettle, with its own characteristics and advantages, for your life reflects the care of the heart. Gold bowl, silver bowl, you will choose ceramic bowl. Pot of gold silver, you will choose the ceramic pot, because she guarded the clean water, to protect the life and health of your. Market opportunities in flash, this is a huge market opportunity.Water, a clean water, can not leave, but not from health. Enjoy the Millennium tea culture of the Chinese people, in the search for water on the journey can be described as painstaking. According to research, using science and technology to boil water naturally through traditional methods is the most healthy. Data show that the first invention of the electric kettle kettle in Britain, and the rate is 90-95%, the Millennium tea culture of Chinese people throughout the country, the rate of less than 30%, this is a great market opportunity. Although the amount of stainless steel electric kettle has been increasing rapidly in recent years, the space for the whole market demand is enormous. Ceramic electric kettle with her characteristics and advantages appear in the market, but also only a short period of three or four years, it appeared, immediately attract people's attention. But the development of ceramic electric kettle has the following problems: first, many manufacturers lack the consciousness and ability of brand operation. Two is the patent protection consciousness is not strong; three is the product homogenization phenomenon is more serious; four, the product quality needs further promotion. All these seriously restrict the healthy development of ceramic electric kettle. Foshan City Zhuo odd Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. from two, 0, 0 years strong access to ceramic electric kettle Market, with its own brand "Fred" operation,Relying on its own company "Zhongshan City Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., from planning - Design - production - sales system of autonomous control operation, take the high road, strictly control the quality, carefully protect the market, try to maintain the brand, sincere customer service. After several years of efforts, at present in the ceramic electric kettle industry, our company's products are the most complete, the shape of the most colorful products, the most cultural and artistic atmosphere, the quality of the most stable. In the industry, we already have a very good brand effect. Health, safety, efficiency and art are the characteristics that our company gives to ceramic kettles, as well as people's expectation of ceramic electric kettles. Our goal is: from the fire, into the water, make ceramic pot industry leader.

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